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Wübu Bamboo

Río Dulce, Aldea Miramar, Livingston, Izabal

Guatemala (Finca Boca de la Angostura)


Finca Boca de la Angostura, located in Aldea Miramar, Livingston, Izabal, is a breathtaking piece of land that spans about 50 hectares.


It's a true paradise, boasting 20 hectares of primary jungle forest, and the remaining 30 hectares are teeming with bamboo of different species, including Guadua Angustifolia, Dendrocalamus Asper, and Bambusa Tulda, all thoughtfully planted alongside companion species.


Visitors can take in stunning views of Bahía de Amatique from its four mountains, explore the big cave, and marvel at our first ecovillage, where bamboo houses, rainwater collection systems, beautiful gardens and sustainable livelihoods coexist harmoniously.


The property is also equipped with many facilities, a Boucherie bamboo curing System, a large bamboo drying rack and warehouse, a greenhouse, a swimming dam, and many other unique areas to explore.


Finca Boca de la Angostura also houses the mythical Mayan site "Nito," and the only Mayan ball game court in the entire Izabal lake and Río Dulce basin.


Additionally, the property has 51 goats and some chickens, a productive plantation of jackfruit, yucca, ginger, and chaya, as well as an impressive collection of native precious hardwood and exotic fruits from around the world.


With more than 25,000 bamboo plants ready to cover 250 hectares of new plantations, Finca Boca de la Angostura is a true haven for nature lovers and those seeking an immersive and sustainable experience, as well as a powerhouse to expand bamboo plantations nationwide.




50 hectares


Aldea Buenavista de Miramar, Livingston, Izabal, Guatemala

Started our work in it

Already producing Bamboo, Jackfruit, Yucca, Ginger. Has 4 family houses, space for 12 tourists and visitors.

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