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Wübu Bamboo

Expertise and Products

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development

At Wübu, we specialize in bamboo agroforestry systems, carbon offset projects, and industrialized bamboo products.


Our expertise lies in creating sustainable, regenerative ecosystems that benefit both the environment and local communities.


In addition to our bamboo plantations and transformation facilities, we are also committed to building eco villages made with bamboo and promoting sustainable rural livelihoods.


By incorporating local knowledge and innovative techniques, we strive to create holistic systems that provide economic, social, and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.


At Wübu, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and helping others do the same. We offer carbon offsets from our bamboo plantations in Guatemala and Central America, which include both mature plantations and the option to support new ones.


Our clients receive special conditions to purchase bamboo and bamboo products from us when they support new plantations.


Our carbon offsets meet the highest quality standards, including compliance with many of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

Our parnership with CASSA CLIMA provides us with state of the art tools to assure our clients and supporters that they are buying and contributing to the most innovative and paradigm changing system to date.


We believe in the power of agroforestry systems to make a difference in both the environment and the livelihoods of rural communities.


That's why we combine our bamboo plantations with companion plants to promote food security for locals and their farm animals.


Our sustainable agroforestry systems not only provide carbon offsets but also create a sustainable source of income and employment for communities.


By choosing Wübu's carbon offsets, you're not only making a positive impact on the environment but also contributing to the development of rural communities.

If you only wish to buy plants and make your own plantation, we can provide you with high quality bagged plants for Dendrocalamus Asper and Guadua Angustifolia in whatever quantity required. For plants, click here.


At Wübu, we're committed to promoting sustainable and responsible use of natural resources. That's why we are seting up bamboo industrial transformation plants that will produce a range of eco-friendly products, from bamboo charcoal to construction materials.


By utilizing the potential of bamboo, we're not only creating new market opportunities, but also promoting rural development and job creation in the areas where we operate.


Our goal is to contribute to a more sustainable future, one bamboo product at a time.

We know bamboo requires specific tools and equipment, we have partnerships with international companies worldwide, and offer precise tools for artisans and bamboo carpenters, so they can get a high quality finish in their creations.

At the same time, we are aware of the international growth of the bamboo market, and the tremendous need for training in handicrafts, furniture and construction with various bamboo species and several methods developed worldwide. That is why we have made high value partnerships with universities, NGOs and estrategic players, to offer certain high quality training and market development when the products are ready to sell.


Our raw bamboo products will always come cured and dryed. Choice is yours if you want it alrady cleaned and pre-sanded, cut or with any other process that we can offer in our plants. We welcome specific client orders.

We offer bamboo poles and strips (Raw of squared), mainly Guadua Angustifolia and Dendrocalamus Asper, but also have a few other specialty species. If you need something specific, please contact us

We can ship directly to your door (Shipping fees apply) or offer EXW prices.


Our cured, dryed and squared bamboo strips offer the best part of the bamboo pole. This material is ready for pressing and glueing, in order for you to produce bamboo boards, wood, engineered wood or structural pieces. We will be offering it after July 2023.

Later in 2024, we will add our own bamboo board pressing plant, and will have our own range of bamboo wood and engineered wood to offer. 


With a great compromise towards sustainability and not producing waste, we studied on how our industrial processes could be undertaken and all the material used intelligently. We ended up with a production array that uses all bamboo material and leaves nothing to chance. 

All material that is not up to standard for strips and wood, will be used for making the highest quality bamboo biochar, with pyrolisis systems that reuse all gases that come out of combustion, with certified kilns and systems that give the highes biomass to char ratio and the least emissions. Later, depending on our clients' needs, we will invest on an Activated Charcoal facility, in order to produce tailor-made solutions for the industry.

The leaves will be used to create high quality compost, toghether with the droppings of our goats and farm animals on each of the Eco Villages. Later in 2025, we will add an essential oil extracting facility, to finally use all the greatness of the bamboo soul, contained in its leaves, trunk, rizhomes and branches.

The sub-products of the transformation facilities, most of the time in the shape of dust or sawdust, will be pelleted and sold for energy generation.


At Wübu, we believe that sustainable development must encompass all aspects of life. That's why we have designed and implemented eco villages that integrate circular systems, companion planting, and sustainable livelihoods.


Our bamboo-based construction materials provide comfortable and durable homes that allow for a low-impact lifestyle.


We encourage our eco village residents to engage in agroforestry and animal husbandry practices, which not only provide food security but also support the circular economy by using waste to create natural fertilizers and biofuels.


By implementing these systems, we are not only preserving the environment but also contributing to the well-being of rural communities.


We believe that eco-tourism can be a powerful tool for education and inspiration, which is why we offer unique opportunities for investors and visitors to stay in our eco-villages and experience our circular systems firsthand.


Our ecovillages are designed to be self-sufficient and environmentally conscious, featuring sustainable energy sources, waste management systems, and organic agriculture practices.


By staying with us, guests can gain a deep understanding of our commitment to sustainable rural livelihoods, and witness the positive impact of their investments on local communities and the environment.


We're committed to creating sustainable livelihoods through global markets. Our bamboo plantations not only provide eco-friendly and carbon-neutral products, but also generate economic opportunities for local communities.


We work to transform the bamboo into a range of high-value products such as squared bamboo strips, biochar, and bamboo pellets that can be sold locally and internationally.


Our team has extensive experience in marketing and distribution, which allows us to connect with buyers worldwide and create new opportunities for income and growth.


By working with us, rural communities can become more self-sufficient and prosperous, while contributing to a more sustainable future for all.


Río Dulce,

Aldea Miramar, 

Livingston, Izabal


Area of 50 hectares. 30 of them planted with a mix of Dendrocalamus Asper and Guadua Angustifolia Bamboo, Jackfruit, Cedrela Odorata, Panama Chesnut, Yucca, Ginger, Chaya and other local species.

We also have a small transformation facility, an Eco Hotel and many bamboo construction trials.

Río Dulce,

Aldea Rio  Lámpara, 

Livingston, Izabal

In this newly acquired land, we will make a 16 hectare plantation of Dendrocalamus Asper, together with local species of trees for conservation and an area of food crops for the Eco Village.

Nuevo San Marcos, 


One of our partners, have a beautiful 22 hectare plantation of Dendrocalamus Asper, fully grown and mature. In his property is being established our first bamboo industrial transformation plant, that will produce, by the second semester of 2023, bamboo squared strips, bamboo raw strips and bamboo biochar.

San Andrés Villaseca, Retalhuleu

Another one of our partners, will put up a 50 hectare land in the south area of Guatemala, to plant Dendrocalamus Asper.

San Cristóbal Verapaz, Alta Verapaz

This magnificent piece of land, with almost 900 hectares of beautiful and, teeming with native high value trees and home to dozens of exotic birds, is ready to have it's predated 200 hectares of land recuperaded with bamboo. 

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