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Wübu Bamboo

Invest With Us

Be a Part of the Growing Bamboo Industry: Invest in Our Company and our plantations.

Investing Opportunities

Grow with Us: Invest in a Sustainable Future through Our Bamboo-Based Business and Social Impact Projects

Investment Opportunities for Business Partners


Guatemala and Central America

Stores and Point of Sales of our Products

Join us in bringing sustainable bamboo products to the world. Invest in our stores and point of sales and be a part of a thriving eco-conscious market.


With our high-quality, versatile bamboo products, you can help make a positive impact on the environment while growing your portfolio.


Investment per store


Until 2025, Just in Guatemala, after 2025, in the whole Central American region.

Partnerships in Land and Plantation

Invest in the future with our sustainable land investment program, where we carefully select, develop, and manage land for maximum ecological and financial impact.


Partnership in land property and  bamboo plantations made with our system


Our headquarters, Guatemala.

Wubu Equity

Join us in our mission to create sustainable and profitable agroforestry systems with bamboo. We are offering equity and the opportunity to become a business partner in Wübu.


With our proven track record in creating eco-friendly products, developing innovative technologies, and generating revenue through multiple channels, we're poised for exponential growth.


As a partner, you'll have a say in our decision-making and share in our profits. Invest in a brighter, greener future with Wübu.


Business partner for Wübu, S.A.

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