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Wübu Bamboo

Training Seminars


Learning to work with bamboo is an art, as well as carpentry. The dynamics on bamboo are not the same as wood. Almost all species of bamboo have a hole at the center of each culm. The transference of forces is given at the rim, and the space in the middle has to be taken into account. 

Tools are not equal to those of carpentry, some usage principles are different. Even, one has to learn on how to perforate the material, because if done the regular way, the material can splinter and loose its strenght or its beauty.

Joints are different from wood, nails cannot be used and screws have a special way to interact with it. 

On top of this, there are many species of bamboo that have different qualities, strenghts and sizes. The data on flexibility is different as well as compression resistance. 

Construction is another world. Lightweight constructions with metal roof or other materials pose not too much of a challenge, but concrete roofs, concrete reinforced walls and other heavy materials require a fine art of using the material efficiently and securely, and there is where our partnerships with key experts, universities, NGOs and other players worldwide help us organize seminars to train adequately artisans, construction workers and bamboo carpenters. 

With the right training, everybody can make espectacular furniture, breathtaking handicrafts and solid living spaces that last for decades and make families happy.


June 2023

Seminars to Offer

We offer courses and seminars tailor-made for our clients, so please, if you need a certain seminar, please contact us and lets discuss the details!

How can I book?


We prefer to prepare seminars at our plantations and our transformation plants, but seminars can be celebrated anywhere given the right conditions.

If you need to book a specific seminar, please contact us and tell us what do you need!

Available from: 

  • Bamboo generals

    • Plant - plant propagation​

    • Plantation - plantation caring

    • Harvesting

    • Curing​​

  • Bamboo joints​

  • Bamboo basic furniture

  • Bamboo basic handicrafts

  • Bamboo light construction

  • Bamboo heavy construction

  • Specialty seminars (Top worldwide instructors)

    • Fancy buildings​

    • Big buildings

    • Artistic design

    • Sustainable building (Natural materials)

    • Natural air conditioning

    • Bamboo shoots for eating

    • Bamboo beer and wine

    • High end handicrafts and art

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