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Wübu Bamboo

Tools and Equipment


Bamboo is a woody grass. The quality of its wood is one of the best in the world, almost three times as strong as pine wood, with no knots and a beautiful fiber that can yield fine wood finishes.

Its growth is spectacular. It can offer high quality mature culms, ready to process, after its third year since planted. Obviously, the widest poles can take up to 8 years to mature and be harvest ready, depending on the species.

Nevertheless, bamboo wood cannot be processed well with regular wood tools and equipment. The outer layer has a high content of silica and its so strong that takes out the sharpness of the tools in no time. This poses a problem that has to be solved with tungsten and diamond tools that cost more than regular woodworking ones.

Therefore, we at Wübu, managed to gather a team of manufacturers of tools and equipment tailor-made for bamboo. Check the groups of tools and machinery that we have and ask if you don't see what you need. We certainly have the chance to get you what is missing in your shop to produce the bamboo product your client needs!

Tools and Equipment

  1. Bamboo Boucherie Curing Systems

    • Wubu's propietary mobile Boucherie System​

    • Wubu's fixed large Boucherie System

  2. ​For furniture​

  3. Raw bamboo commerce​

    • Pole radial cutting​

    • Pole splitting

    • Pole sanding

    • Strip planning​​

  4. ​Bamboo handictrafts​

    • Saws​

    • Cutters

    • Sanders

    • Knives

    • Burrs

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