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Wübu Bamboo

Bamboo biochar and activated charcoal


Biochar is a sustainable, carbon-negative alternative to traditional charcoal, made by burning organic material in a low-oxygen environment.


At our bamboo transformation plant, we produce biochar from bamboo, a fast-growing and renewable resource that absorbs more carbon dioxide than other plants.


Our biochar is of the highest quality, with a consistent size and composition. It has been proven to improve soil health and increase crop yields, making it an ideal addition to any agricultural system.

In addition to biochar, we are exploring the production of activated charcoal made from bamboo to meet our clients' requests.


Activated charcoal is known for its exceptional ability to adsorb impurities, making it a valuable material for water and air filtration, as well as a range of other applications.


Made from bamboo, our activated charcoal will be both sustainable and effective, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.


In Livingston, from june 2024. 

In Retalhuleu, from august 2023

Species to offer

For 2023, about 12 tonnes per month.

Quantities expected to quadruple by the end of 2024

Activated charcoal production to start by 2025, according to clients' needs.

Quantities available per month

Livingston and Retalhuleu. 

We can ship from Puerto Barrios, in the Caribbean and Puerto Quetzal, in the Pacific.

Available from: 

In both locations, Dedrocalamus Asper and Guadua Angustifolia

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