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Wübu Bamboo

Ecovillages in circular systems


Looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly living solution? Our bamboo ecovillage service offers just that! We specialize in creating communities that prioritize sustainability and circular living. Our ecovillages are built using locally sourced bamboo, a highly renewable and durable material that is perfect for construction.

Our ecovillages come equipped with all the necessary sustainable systems, including agroforestry systems, animal husbandry, solar power, and more.


We also provide training programs for ecovillagers to ensure they can work efficiently in industrial transformation plants be able to harvest and process bamboo and the produce from the companion plants and animals in the systems.

At our bamboo ecovillages, you'll be surrounded by nature while also living in comfort and style.


Our communities offer a unique and fulfilling lifestyle that combines modern amenities with sustainable living practices.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to live in harmony with the planet and join our bamboo ecovillage community today!


June 2023

Species to offer

We can design and implement our Bamboo Ecovillages anywhere where bamboo grows well.

All designs are made taking into account all specific details of the land, micorclimates and the needs of each client.

Available from: 

For bamboo, Guadua Angustifolia and Dedrocalamus Asper, for companion planting, depends on the local conditions and the needs of the client.

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