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Wübu Bamboo

Ready to Plant Bamboo Seedlings


If you happen to need only plants, because you will make our own plantation, we can offer you with carefully grown Guadua Angustifolia and Dendrocalamus Asper plants at the best price and shipped to where you need them.

Guadua Angustifolia and Dendrocalamus Asper plants will start producing biomass in important quantities from the end of the second year since planting. 

At the beginning, after two years, you may find poles around 2" in diameter, for both species. Guadua may need around 5 years to reach full capacity in diameter, while Asper may need up to 7 years. Each culm needs from 18 to 48 months to fully mature.

Conditions of your site, quality of your soil, precipitation, sunlight and land cliearing will make a great difference in the size of your plants and their development. If you don't take good care of them, they can die!

Nevertheless, bamboo is resilient and can withold severe conditions, but in less than ideal ones, they will take more time to develop, and sometimes, will not arrive to full growth capacity, which is as follows:


Guadua: Up to 20 meters in height and 6 inches (15cm) in diameter.


Asper: up to 30 meters in height and 10 inches (25cm) in diameter. Wall thickness will vary as well depending on conditions.

How do we sell our plants?

Throughout Guatemala: From june 2023. 


As for 2023, 50,000 plants.

Actual capacity

  • You can purchase our plants bagged, in 9"x12" black plastic bags. ​

  • All have more than 6 months of care in our nurseries. 

  • We can ship from Retalhuleu and Livingston. 

  • There are more than 50,000 plants ready to sell.

  • If you need to discuss prices, please contact us.

Available in: 

  1. Livingston, Izabal. North area of the country.

  2. Realhuleu, South and center of the country.

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