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Wübu Bamboo

Bamboo agroforestry systems


Our agroforestry systems offer a holistic approach to sustainable development.


For $2500 per hectare, we provide a comprehensive package that includes a bamboo plantation, companion planting, edible forests, animal husbandry, and solar-powered circular ecovillages with space in bungalows for selected investors and visitors. Many of these labors will be executed by women.


Additionally, we offer training programs to the ecovillagers so they can work efficiently in our industrial transformation plants, harvest and process the produce from the companion plants and animals in the systems, and contribute to a circular economy.


By investing in our agroforestry systems, you are not only supporting sustainable development in rural areas but also contributing to the fight against climate change.

What does our system include?

Throughout Guatemala: From june 2023. 


As for 2023, 500 hectares in one year.​

Actual capacity

  1. Preliminary analysis: Review of documentation, including property certificates, possession rights, membership in natural reserve areas, and necessary permits from municipal, environmental, and agricultural authorities.

  2. Preparation of planting contract with landowners, possessors, or legal representatives, and consultation with local authorities and communities.

    • Preparation of legal documents and bonding for service payment in case of crop failure.

  3. Management plan preparation (Opening for women):

    • Based on the collected information, a management plan is created, including soil preparation, logistics, species selection, planting density, companion planting, edible forests, agro-silvopastoral systems, and establishment of a model eco-village and visitor areas.

    • Projections of harvest, environmental services, and management responsibilities are included for the first five years.

  4. Clearing, soil preparation, and marking:

    • Soil cleaning and preparation, marking of the planting areas. One person for ten days.

  5. Planting (Openings for Women):

    • Planting of Asper (100/ha), Guadua (144/ha), companion plants, and edible plants.

    • Planting process:

      • Hole digging, previous fertilization, planting of plants. Three people using carts and mechanical augers can plant up to 200 plants per day.

  6. Care, fertilization, and maintenance for two years (Openings for women):

    • Reseeding (15%), fertilization with compost, and NPK amendments according to soil analysis and plant requirements.

    • Four cleaning sessions and field supervisions per year.

  7. Eco-village model construction and preparation:

    • Only for planting units larger than 22 hectares.

Available in: 

  1. Wherever our clients need a bamboo plantation made with our system.

  2. In any place where we execute a plantation of over 22 hectares in behalf of our carbon offsets prepaying investors.

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