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Wübu Bamboo

Carbon Offsets


At Wübu, we're committed to promoting sustainable practices and reducing our environmental impact. Through our carbon offset program, in parthership with CASSA CLIMA, we offer our clients the opportunity to support new bamboo plantations and reduce carbon emissions.


By prepaying for carbon offsets, our clients can receive benefits such as discounted prices, prioritary attention, and exclusive access to our bungalows in ecovillages.


Our carbon offset program is a simple and effective way to take action against climate change while supporting sustainable development in Guatemala and Central America.

We offer high accountability, state of the art surveying, solid support and real highest quality carbon offests that really push towards sustainable development and climate change mitigation. We have an open doors approach. All our clients and supporters are invited, 24/7/365 to come, visit and check for themselves the imact that their investment is making for our communities and countries of the region where we work.

Carbon offset options

Throughout Guatemala: From june 2023. 


  1. Ready to start plantations: 500 hectares nationwide.

  2. New plantations: For 2023-2024, 500 hectares, for the period of 2024-2008, up to 5000 hectares nationwide.

Land available

  1. Buy high quality carbon offsets from already grown plantations. These can be bamboo, mixed tree and bamboo, or mature plantations of endemic trees. By purchasing these carbon offsets, investors can rest assured that their emissions are being offset by a verified and certified project, while also supporting the development of sustainable plantations and forest conservation efforts in Guatemala. (From $21/ton).

  2. Prepay for bamboo plantations in designated areas. These higher impact carbon offsets not only offset carbon emissions but also support sustainable development in rural areas, ecovillages, and the training of locals in bamboo cultivation and processing. This model promotes circular living, with the option for customers to visit the plantations and bungalows that are being built within the ecovillages. By prepaying for these bamboo plantations, customers can have a direct and positive impact on the environment and local communities, while also receiving benefits such as discounted prices and prioritary attention. (From $21/ton, prepaid).

  3. We have our own team of highly specialized Environmental Engineers that survey our plantations and provide with hard proof (Geo-referenced photographs, drone flybys, , before and after pictures, videos and declarations signed and certified by lawyer).

  4. All clients and investors are always welcomed to check on the plantations and developments achieved with their collaboration.

Available from: 

  1. For available grown plantations: Various bamboo species, endemic species and others. Around all Guatemala.

  2. For new plantations: In designated locations, Guadua Angustifolia and Dedrocalamus Asper, with companion planting and agroforestry systems.

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