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Wübu Bamboo

San Andrés Villaseca, Retalhuleu

Guatemala (Finca Santa Bárbara)


Retalhuleu is blessed with some of the most fertile land in Guatemala, thanks to its volcanic soil and abundant rainfall, which maintains a comfortable temperature of around 28 degrees Celsius throughout the year.


Nestled between two rivers in this idyllic setting is Finca Santa Bárbara, a former pasture and sugarcane plantation that will be transformed into a carbon-sequestering powerhouse, dedicated to cultivating one of the most sustainable and productive plants on earth: bamboo.


With 50 hectares of prime land ready to reach their full potential, we plan to begin planting bamboo using our proprietary Wübu system in late 2023.


Our ecovillage and agroforestry systems will be designed in circular systems to promote the growth of valuable local endemic trees and crops that are highly productive and sustainably grown.


All this produce will be conveyed to appropiate markets through our market development programs.


Late 2023

Bamboo Species

50 hectares


San Andrés Villaseca, Retalhuleu, Guatemala

Starting in 

Dendrocalamus Asper

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